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Copper Kingdom Centre / Copper Mine Trail

Heritage Centre

Copper Kingdom Centre / Sail Loft / Pa
Amlwch Port / Harbour
Amlwch Port
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Copper Kingdom Centre / Copper Mine Trail

Copper Kingdom is a three pronged tourist attraction that encaptures the astonishing tales of how a small fishing village became one of the most industrious towns during the Industrial revolution. Whether you are a historian, geologist, rambler or an avid explorer then this attraction will tick all the boxes.

Visit Parys Mountain, a different world, take in the splendour of the ruggedness and all of the colours. Imagine over 1500 people with the hustle and bustle that you'd associate with so many people, each and every one trying to earn a crust and living. And / Or venture down to the harbour to the award winning interactive centre - Copper Kingdom, where you'll discover heaps of information on scientific and ways of life of the generations of yester year.

To round off, pop into the Sail Loft - maritime and cafe bistro to experience something different. Divulge in some light bites and a soothing drink and take in the small but informative museum, described as having a quirky layout. You need to visit to see for yourself.