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Red Squirrel Trust Wales


Red Squirrels Trust Wales
Plas Newydd
LL61 6DQ

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Red Squirrel Trust Wales

In 1997 the red squirrel population on Anglesey was close to extinction and fewer than 40 adults remained. Today, the population has increased to over 700 with animals now a common sight in woodlands, parks and gardens. In 2009 squirrels crossed the Menai Straits and colonised adjacent Gwynedd woodlands.

This is the largest, and most genetically diverse, population of red squirrels in Wales. A dynamic partnership between landowners, community groups and local volunteers is working to improve woodland habitats, erect nest boxes, provide supplemental feeding and monitor populations.

Red squirrels do not hibernate, and are active throughout the year. They produce 3-4 young in a litter and the young are born in the period March to August. Red squirrels prefer to live in dense woodland habitat and so it is often hard to see them.

Grey squirrels carry a virus that causes fatal disease in red squirrels. However, there are no grey squirrels on Anglesey and it is a key national refuge for reds. An extensive cull of grey squirrels is underway in Gwynedd, a program that we hope will see red squirrel numbers increase in Bangor and the surrounding district.

Anglesey Red Squirrel Photographic Credits: Honey Tolman, Derek Foulkes, Tony Ddya & Grahame Morgan