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Rib Ride

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Rib Ride
Porth Daniel Boat Yard
Water Street
Menai Bridge
LL59 5DE

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Rib Ride

With the wind in your hair and a smile on your face you are sure to enjoy the adrenalin rush of high speed turns and the encounters with wildlife.

Rib Ride caters for individuals or groups of any age from 4 years old and up wanting a one-hour ribride. For those more adventurous types we offer the option of chartering a rib for the day to go around Anglesey or to chill out on a secluded beach.

Rib Rides require no prior knowledge of boats, just the ability to make one largeish step down into the boat. Our friendly and capable drivers will take care of the rest. Outside of extreme weather, rainy spells and the odd splash you will not get wet... unless you want to! For those who aren't too fond of getting wet we do have waterproofs but please dress for the changeable conditions our country can offer. We provide lifejackets, all you need are soft soled shoes or boots and clothing suitable for a 5-8 degree drop in temperature.