Anglesey Tourism Association

About Us

Who is the Isle of Anglesey Tourism Association and what can we do for your business?

We continue to develop and improve our offer to members and are always looking for new initiatives.

The ATA continues to go from strength to strength, with new members coming on board all the time, Anglesey, as an island continues to grow, with more and more hospitality businesses coming to the island, offering the visitor more choice and making Anglesey a fabulous holiday destination.

In a recent news item, they reported on a study that had taken place looking at how businesses had survived over the last few years, with everything that has been going on in the world and the economic climate as variable as it is. The businesses that had survived and not only that, had actually flourished were the ones that networked - working together with other business. Exactly what we are working towards on Anglesey.

That’s something that we at the ATA feel very strongly about. It is not enough to have one fantastic product, be it a B&B, Hotel, attraction, activity, visitors want a series of ‘fantastic’ products to sample when they are here, which is why working together works, and being able to recommend what to do and where to go only enhances what your business offers. And our motto -Stronger Together- means exactly that.


We continue to grow in numbers which is really fantastic. Our membership annual fee is £65 – only a little over £5 per month, excellent value.

  • Website Page - Members each have their own page which they can update and upload photos to at any time they wish – keeping their guests up to date with their activities. The site has 2000 hits per week in the summer and this number will hopefully continue to improve as the site continues to develop.
  • Information leaflet - we have produced an information leaflet in partnership with the IOACC which contains a great map of the Island highlighting beaches, attractions, points of interest and lots, lots more. 
  • Shows - We represent the Island and our member businesses at some of the major shows. Exhibiting as an individual business is prohibitively expensive and time consuming, therefore another reason to work alongside the ATA.
  • Twitter/Facebook - Events, promotions, last minute availability are promoted all over the social media.
  • E-mails - We regularly send out emails to members publishing events, news etc.
  • Meetings - We are often invited to participate in a wide range of consultations, research and a representative of the ATA sits on Visit Wales' regional and national forums. We are also pleased to collaborate closely with all political representatives of the island.  The ATA is also the go-to with the media industry for opinions and comment on a wide range of subjects.
  • Member Events – we have organised fantastic member events which have been very well supported. It is the ATA's intention to hold two member events annually - one in the spring and one in the autumn to analyse the season which feeds back to the national tourism bodies. 
  • Training – We continue to seek out training days relevant to our industry. We are delighted that in the past year we have been able to run a number of these, all within membership fees.

Please do continue to contact any of us, and can you please use the ATA email address and not our personal ones. We do aim to reply as soon as possible, but please remember we also have our own businesses and so this might not be immediate. If you can send all emails to that would be great.

We look forward to having you on board. Don’t forget if you have friends and colleagues who have businesses on the Island and are not members of the ATA then please do urge them to join. For only a few pence more than £5 per month it is terrific value, and as we always say we are ‘Stronger Together’. The more members we have the louder our voice will be on issues that affect us all.