Anglesey Tourism Association

Members Area


Annual membership fees are deliberately kept low so that you recoup your small investment. Membership costs from £65 per year - less than £6 per month.

Membership provides additional marketing opportunities without increasing your costs.

The ATA continues to go from strength to strength, with new members coming on board all the time, Anglesey, as an island continues to grow, with more and more hospitality businesses coming to the island, offering the visitor more choice and making Anglesey a fabulous holiday destination.

In a recent news item, they reported on a study that had taken place looking at how businesses had survived over the last few years, with everything that has been going on in the world and the economic climate as variable as it is. The businesses that had survived and not only that, had actually flourished were the ones that networked - working together with other business. Exactly what we are working towards on Anglesey.

That’s something that we at the ATA feel very strongly about. It is not enough to have one fantastic product, be it a B&B, Hotel, attraction, activity, visitors want a series of ‘fantastic’ products to sample when they are here, which is why working together works, and being able to recommend what to do and where to go only enhances what your business offers. And our motto -Stronger Together- means exactly that.